Monday, January 19, 2009

Decisions decisions...

So I realized today that two of my new years resolutions are conflicting. 

I can either stop biting my nails and have nice lovely nails that look pretty, or I could learn how to play guitar and be all musical and such.

I tried to play some guitar tonight, but the fake nails I got in hopes of dissuading myself from biting them got in the way.

What do I think would be a more useful skill??

If I learn how to play guitar, I could sit on the sidewalks of NYC and rake in the cash with cheesy renditions of songs or I could even join a band!  If I stop biting my nails, I could be a hand model!

Decisions, decisions.  Chances are I'll probably end up biting these fake nails off by the end of January, so I suppose I'll just leave it up to fate and how bad my nervous habit gets in my new classes this week.

Happy sailing.

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